The German-French photographer Cornelia Klara Poupard studied in the United States before settling permanently in Paris. Her photographs play with natural light indoors or in landscapes.

In the play with light and shadow she tries to perpetuate moments of the Parisian life, whereby constantly landscape memories of her childhood influence the current motives.

Exhibition dates: 15. june - 2. july 2018


Townhall of the 6. Arrondissement
78 rue Bonaparte 
75006 Paris


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PICTO reference:

La Mairie du 6ème accueille l’exposition de photographies de Cornelia Klara

Pictures of the opening event:

The major Jean-Pierre Lecoq and deputy major Olivier Passelecq responsable for the culturel department at the opening of the photo-exhibition from Cornelia Klara "Impressions of parisien live" in Paris.

Paris 6e - opening