Photo exhibition Salzburg

In the House of Culture in Anif, in Austria. I showed my last project " Marie - Antoinette unrecognized" by his contemporains, in summer 2016. Soili Mustapää photographed me for this performance "Last Moment", 2016 under my direction.  We were kenn to create a commun work for this image representing the last moment of Marie - Antoinette and my wish, to be her once. I acquired a first image of Marie – Antoinette in Paris! Then I saw the face to be Marie - Antoinette in front of my camera! The ancestor from Marie – Antoinette and Mother of Maria Theresia, was a born German Elisabeth Christine de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Austria, Germany, France… three country’s has in correlation with Marie – Antoinette… and my self.

I realized different works, Photography’s, mountings of images, mixed – media, on wood, collage with acryl. Fabrics with designs from the 18th century, made by the House “Maison Braquenié” in France. 


My works with Melissa started 2013, when I met her in Salzburg. A Mozart – rock evening. She was 24 years, from New York and her resemblance with the historical personality Marie – Antoinette, known for her skin of porcelain and blue eyes. Melissa arrived 2014 to Paris for a planned photo session, I ordered a perruque similar to the daily styled hair by the artist Monsieur Léonard on Marie – Antoinette. Another shooting I did with Melissa in Paris 2015, she was warring a fashionable collier, on her striped marine top, a contemporary presentation of Marie – Antoinette. It reminded me of the historical drama for the unrecognized queen of France. Then Katharina, a girl grown up in Austria, her father a Germain musician and having a Austrian mother, all very involved at the culturel house in Anif. I had the chance to meet the 16 year old teenager. The same age as the portrait I had acquired representing Marie - Antoinette, some years before. The shooting session had place in Anif, in a local typical bed & breakfast and I wanted only a rosa ribbon as accessoire?  When I went to visit the exhibition "Vigée le Brun", at first I discovered a self-portrait from the artist with a ribbon in corail. “The total chic of the epoque…” My storyboard for the planned shooting was getting very close to the subject! 

The exhibition catalogs for download:

Photoexhibition [PDF]
Technic Mixte [PDF]