A comment from Aurélie Gavoille

Aurélie Gavoille is Conservatrice Attachée at the Museum Marmottan Monet Paris. For the catalog "Cornette de Saint Cyr" in 2017, she wrote a commentary on my work, especially on my landscapes photographs, which I donated for the auction.


"Travel Impressions"

Well known for her work inspired by the figure of Marie-Antoinette and production shooting interior or bucolic places, Cornelia Klara Poupard did not cease since her beginnings to take great interest in landscape topic.
The German origin Artist wished to continue her reflexion with this new photographic series.
Therefor she chose again to leave her studio, to be confronted with the elements and to race with time to magnify the scenery’s located in Austria and South Africa, familiar land, at the mercy of the sun, with a real technical and aesthetical challenge. If you notice the houses and constructions in the foreground of certain images, the human presence is nearly inexistent. This allows her a better highlight with the beauties of the spots shared with us in the form of a series.
If at first the artist aimed to represent these mountainous landscape and seaside, the result is another. Taking pictures of these places, scenes, seems to be the pretext chosen by the artist to answer the nearest questioning, the sky and its reflection of (light).
In fact, the silhouettes of the Austrian Alpes or the place reserved for the ocean seams to disappear and profits to occupy the sky, gradually by her shots the upper surface almost takes the entire images space. From the dawn to twilight, the artist utmost to achieve it with patience to capture a moment, a light, colours, movement of clouds, occasionally disturbing, to make appear all poetry and universality at the right moment.
Throughout her ‘’sky portraits’’ Cornelia explores her personal “quest for light” as did before and with other supports, the “king of the sky’s” the painter Eugèen Boudin.
Her scrupulous work to perform a certain abstraction to alter the nuance where only aim is the colour of the sky. In this way she wants to analyse each parcel of light, each cloud, to understand the nearly magical changes and yet the rhythm of our daily life.
Beyond the strength these real portraits of the sky, intimate and universal, bring out, Cornelia invites the spectator to enter the nature, to breath, and get lost in admiration on reflection in front of this immensity.

Aurélie Gavoille
Junior Curator