The German artist Cornelia Klara signs here an unpublished set of photographs, one of his privileged mediums. Having lived in France for many years, she has once again drawn on her history to create this project. She never ceases to play with the codes of two France, that of the Ancien Régime through the ghost of Marie-Antoinette and that represented by the cock which became the republican symbol of France in the 19th century.

The German-French photographer Cornelia Klara Poupard studied in the United States before settling permanently in Paris. Her photographs play with natural light indoors or in landscapes.

Cornelia Klara Poupard & Francoise Zeller meet in this commun exhibition. They present artwork, photographie and mixed media. Both artists are sensitive about the beauty of the XVII century, history, fashion, objects, decoration, the opera and the ballet.

In the House of Culture in Anif, in Austria. I showed my last project " Marie - Antoinette unrecognized" by his contemporains, in summer 2016. Soili Mustapää photographed me for this performance "Last Moment", 2016 under my direction.  We were kenn to create a commun work for this image representing the last moment of Marie - Antoinette and my wish, to be her once. I acquired a first image of Marie – Antoinette in Paris! Then I saw the face to be Marie - Antoinette in front of my camera! The ancestor from Marie – Antoinette and Mother of Maria Theresia, was a born German Elisabeth Christine de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Austria, Germany, France… three country’s has in correlation with Marie – Antoinette… and my self.

In a joint exhibition, curated by Interimages at Art - Cube Gallery in Paris and Reims at 3W Gallery  I showed a picture on the subject of "Wine and Art", during springtime of 2016. I created this image remembering Marie - Antoinette, the subject I started to work on since 2 years. The royal signification with its lys flower's, " Wine & Brioche" for the people to share. The exhibition catalog of 2016 can be downloaded here as PDF document.

At first I was commanded to create for the group show at the Starter GALERIE PARIS and theme “LOVELOVE” a new idea to present the patchwork with 21 photographies of my model Melissa representing Marie-Antoinette as one hole artwork. 2014 I started the first time to work my images on wood and using the technic collage with overpainting. Each item has the size by 13 cm x 18 cm and is presented by 3 x 7 different images in its line, called icon.

The exhibition was created in 2013 and  shown in Paris in the exhibition room of the town hall in the 7th district of Paris, "Beatrix Hodent de Broutelles". In the genre of portrait photography, I was inspired by the impressionistic images. The exhibition catalog of 2013 can be downloaded here as PDF file.