20th edition of "La Maison Bleue"

My last contribution to the 20th edition of "La Maison Bleue" publishing house of the Astréee bookstore in Paris on the subject of « La Dance ».

 Cornelia Klara’s career leads her from Germany to the United States and from Paris to Austria.
Model, apprentice actress at Jean Laurent Cochet she then works in artistic communication. When she is in her thirties, she begins photography that satisfies her “need to observe and transform by striving to capture movement”. She shares with us the unspeakable where reality, wonder and extravagant fantasy are interwoven through the evocation... a childhood memory and her dream of being a ballerina. Here they are symbolized by two characteristic photographs... so characteristic of his work: on the one hand, that of the stage of the Opera where the artist plays on the contrasts between the sharpness... Blurred to better reveal the movements and grace of the dancers and, on the other hand, the one presenting the sculpture of a dancer realised by her sister Elsbeth Bellartz.
Both, in their own way and with their own sensibility, pay a fervent tribute to Degas who made the Opera and its actors.

PDF-document (La Danse)